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the ORDERING process


Look at the current selection of hats available on Mountain Heather's photostream on Flickr.com. Find collections (= styles) and sets (= sizes) for your particular interests. If you find a hat you would like, note the hat's number (picture title).


E-mail Mountain Heather, hats@mountainheather.com, with your hat request. Please include:

  • Personal Information including name, mailing address, and e-mail address
  • If you want a hat on Flickr®, the hat number, the picture title (for example, V0045 for Vent hat #45)
  • If you want to custom order a hat indicate the hat style, the size you need and your preferred color combination. Color requests can be simple (blue) or more specific (mainly navy with turquoise and purple accents). You can mention if you like subtle, earthier colors or bright, bold colors. More detail can sometimes help match hats with customers.


If a custom order, I will send pictures of fabrics that might fit your request. Once you have picked out fabrics, I will make your hat. Turn around time for custom orders typically is 2 to 3 business days, possibly longer depending on season. You will be given a time estimate.


If a current inventory hat or a custom hat, we will reply with the amount owed including shipping: $8 for Priority Mail, $5 for First Class (not available for larger hats).


You can pay either online through PayPal®, or send a check or money order made payable to Mountain Heather for the amount owed. If paying through PayPal, simply send amount owed to our e-mail address, hats@mosquitonet.com. We can send you a 'request for money' or an invoice if you prefer.

6) Hats are sent as soon as possible after payment is received.
Patience is requested for the current ordering process.
Changes and updates are being researched for the future.
www.mountainheather.com is built in house • suggestions are welcome

Mountain Heather Creations • P.O. Box 83221 • Fairbanks, Alaska 99708-3221