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Hi, my name is Heather. I have been making Mountain Heather hats for over twenty years. Mountain Heather was my primary career through the 2000s, building the brand by attending craft shows and selling at Alaskan galleries. In the 2010s, I filled Mountain Heather orders, raised a son, worked on building our house, and established an office staff at my husband's cabinetry business. We haven't quite finished the house, but the studio space now exists and is functional. In the 2020s, I'm eager to get back to Mountain Heather as a full-time career.

I created the original Mountain Heather website in 2001 as the final product of a web design class. For many years now, I have jokingly called it "vintage." In 2020 I launched a cleaner version with hopes for an all-new website in the future and an online store.

It was requested that I keep some of the old Mountain Heather webpages where I wanted to simplify. Here is the door into the old site. -> The Gallery of photos from the beginning years of Mountain Heather is particularly fun for some. Once in the old site, if you click on one of the buttons that have remained on the updated website menus, you will be redirected to the new site. To get back into the old site, click on "extra" to come back here. Navigating within the site should go well; broken links are likely in the old portion of the website when exiting mountainheather.com. I did not update it at all; it is "as is" in there - some of it from 2001.

Mountain Heather Creations • P.O. Box 83221 • Fairbanks, Alaska 99708-3221
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