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Greetings from Kodiak,
We met you at the Kodiak Crab Festival this May and loved your hats. We purchased two for our two year old son Yasent and he wears one or the other of them constantly. We thought we would share a couple photos with you.
Enjoy and thank you,
Anne, Chad, and Yasent


My son Josh gave me a link to your site and he said the two of you met on the ferry recently. I don't really need any more hats, but your work is strikingly beautiful and unique. I could possibly be tempted by a nice scarf...I'll think about it.

I just appreciate a well-constructed website and wanted to say thanks.

Kay in Fairbanks

Today I walked by a beautiful woman wearing a gorgeous hat in Boulder, Colorado. I walked around her gawking and said 'my God, that hat is absolutely beautiful'. She said she agreed, it truly was. We got to talking and I asked her from whence it came and she said Alaska, and she told me about you. I think from Kate's hat and what I've seen on your website that you make THE finest hats ever....
Thanks, Kate


The hat arrived...I'm wearing it now. Love it. Thanks.

Bye the way...I've received so many compliments while wearing the cotton skull over the past year or so. I had one girl run up to me while I was leaving a crowded mall and ask me where I had purchased it. Its nice to have something cool AND unique.

I'll be ready for another one in a couple paydays or so. Thanks.


I bought two hats from you in August at the Saturday market in Anchorage. We were on vacation in Alaska. Since we got back home to England I've hardly had the skull cap off my head. I have a large collection of hats but this one's become my favorite. I'm team leader of a mountain rescue team over here and the hat's become very well known since I wear it to all meetings and training events. I also teach in an elementary school. The 5 & 6 year olds I'm presently teaching were delighted by a story I made up about a family of bears living in the mountains depicted on the hat. They also love it when I wear the hat on playground duty.
Geoff from England

Hello, I received my hat and I love it. Thanks for such great service. Bette

Hi there. I'm a knitter, and that explains how i found your web pages through altavista.com. I'm writing to say two things.
1. I love your hats. they're beautiful.
2. You have great incredible web pages (I wrote one of the first 2000 www pages in existence, so I've been paying attention for a long time). Such good design, such good thought into how users will interact with you.
Best wishes to the hat and web-page designers,

This last Friday a friend from work went to the 'Bad Girls of the North' bazaar - I heard you were going to be there....to make a long story short, she picked me up two of your wonderful hats! They are so GREAT!
I just wanted to thank you for making such wonderful Alaska head gear.
Thank you,

Heather...I am the hat woman from Kodiak......from the ferry. I have my new scull cap on and haven't really taken it off since the forest fair...got into work today and a colleague said..."hey you got that at Forest Fair" I got one almost exactly the same!!!!
I almost came back on Sunday for one of each kind. Your website makes your days and activity w/ your craft seem wonderful! I have heard so many folks commenting on or recognizing your creative hat work...I guess I'll wait till Sept. to see you at Saturday Market...Good luck and thanks!!!

As for the hats, I am having such a difficult time choosing! The photos you sent were just lovely, and I now want all those hats, as well as most of your others! They are truly beautiful and completely unique. I consider your hats as individual works of art, and I can't wait to start showing them off to everyone I know.
Ann from Massachusetts

And I will take a baseball cap, if they're one size. That's great! My color preference for that would be the same, something blues and/or purples if that works for you.
Would you let me know when they're ready?
Thanks so much. You make this so easy!!

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